Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Murni Herbs Health Drink

Assalamualaikum & warmest greetings from Sweet N Pretty. Syukur alhamdulillah we're back after eid break.Every weekend many will be busy attending Raya Open House. Consequently, some will start to gain extra kilos:)

We're here to help you. Not only to get rid of the unwanted fat but also to maintain your optimum health. For those suffering from critical illness insyaAllah Murni Herbs is the best cure.

Made of traditional herbs. No preservatives & colouring.

It helps to
-control the blood pressure
-maintain optimum health & heart function
-maintain youthfulness
-relief body pain & elevate the nerve system function
-control sugar level
-ease digestion process & bowel system
-regulate the blood circulation
-increase energy for men
-increase the immune system
-cure constipation & piles
-increase the antibody
-eliminate body odour
-cure migrain, headache, bleeding gum, sore eyes, hypertension & hemofolia as it contains vitamin P
-eliminate dead skin cell
-relief tiredness

Grab this magic herbs today at a special PROMOTION PRICE

Only RM25 per bottle NOT incl poslaju