Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I-Charge - Fuel saving device

Assalamualaikum & warmest greetings from Sweet N Pretty. How's everyone out there? Last night we got a big surprise when the government increased the fuel price. There are overwhelming comments from all Malaysians. Like it or not life has to go on and we have to survive despite the taxing cost of living.

Taking the opportunity we would like to share with everyone a product which can assist to save your fuel & car engine maintenance. The product is I-Charge. Scroll down for further info. 

Place your order soon for great saving. Thank you & enjoy shopping at Sweet N Pretty.

  • Fuel saving
  • Better RPM response
  • Increase engine torque
  • Engine power up
  • Optimized all electronic devices in car

  • Do not disassemble or modify this product to avoid damage or injury.
  • Only design for 12V vehicles. Do not use on 24V vehicles.
  • Do not plug in and out from the cigar-lighter socket during driving.
  • When install, please make sure the plug of i-CHARGE is securely in contact with the socket.
  • If the cigar-lighter socket is loosened due to previous usage of other charging device, please adjust the contact point inside the socket before plug in.
  • Fuel saving effect will differ according to car type, driving behavior, weather, road condition etc.

  • Advantages

    • Faster throttle response, engine power up.
    • Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
    • Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
    • Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
    • Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
    • Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
    • Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
    • Universal for all cars and motorcycles.
    • Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
    • Equipped with double fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
    • Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to maximum load.
    • Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.
    • Twelve (12) months Limited Product Warranty.

    Importance of Car Electronics and Stability of In-Car Voltage
    Do you know how important is electrical voltage to your car performance and life-span? Many problems occurred in your car now are due to unstable voltage supply, and if your car is not taken care of ASAP, it will then worsen to serious problem later. Most of the car owners look for mechanics assistance when having problems with their cars from time to time. They are unable to find the right cause and remedy to the problems, and worst of all, car owners have to compromise to the problems most of the time. As we know "precaution is better then treatment", like we take good care of our body, we should take good care of our car before it is too late. Small spending in advance is definitely a wise investment, as it has very high cost/performance in returns.

    Electrical systems in our cars are interconnected to each other. To get perfect performance you need a good and harmony electrical circuit environment. For example, if you have a old and less efficient ignition circuit in your car, you will have very poor fuel consumption, low throttle response, misfiring problem, jerking gear shift, all problems may occurred due to a single defect in another electrical problem. So to maintain optimum electrical performance in your car, we need to have a very stable voltage environment. Here comes a new electronic device - i-CHARGE, original patent/copyright from Japan, a multi-purpose Voltage Stabilizer with built in Battery Doctor System and Interference Reducer System. Once you use i-CHARGE, your car is in best control by this product, it will solve small problems that due to unstable voltage during driving. What is more wonderful, it is so easy to installed, with just a plug into cigar-lighter socket, will activate this device. Unlike other fuel saving product, by adding chemical and tablets into the fuel tank, increase the risk of car damages.